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Re: Debconf templates proofreading request

Quoting Hamish Moffatt (hamish@debian.org):

> Please help stamp out useless and trivial configuration questions.

Thanks for your comments and rewrite of the templates.

If this was my package, I would certainly follow your suggestion about
removing trivial debconf questions.

But all this stuff just started because I first had a look at this
package, incompletely translated to french (the former maintainer mor
eor less speaks french). We (debian-l10n-french team) don't like incomplete
things on http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po-debconf/fr

So, I first started to work on a NMU for just updating the french
translation. But, as the original english was *really* awful, I first
rewrote the templates. Now they are still awful, but
better... :-). And after your corrections, they will be perfect.

But, then, this is still a planned NMU with one purpose : having
properly written templates in both english and french (as well as
swedish....for which the translation existed).

I don't intent to adopt the package (because I don't use it at all !)
and thus I prefer leaving other needed modifications up to the next
maintainer if one shows up someday....

Removing templates would require some rewrite in postinst/configure
scripts....thus more or less slowly adopting the package. *That* I
don't want to do, as I have enough work with my own packages and all
translations I work on (mostly DDTS and debconf templates).

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