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Geneweb package debconf templates

Hello folks,

I have a few debconf templates in the package for geneweb (a web-based
genealogy program) which I maintain in the official Debian distribution.

Not being a native english speaker (this mail is a proof, isn't it?) ,
these templates may have some mistakes/errors/whatever......

May some of you drop an eye to these templates and send me the
appropriate corrections?

Please make only important corrections if that's possible, as I have
now 8 translations for these templates. So any modification will need
review to see whether translations have to be updated or not.

I attach the templates.pot file to this mail (yes, I already switched
to po files for templates).

Many thanks in advance....Please keep me CC'ed if you answer to the
list as I'm not subscribed to it.

Christian Perrier
Debian geneweb and lifelines packages maintainer

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