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Help on translation again =)

Hello all =)

I am starting the translation of my other doc from portuguese to
english to make it available for the whole Debian. It is very
useful for the new users of Debian and those who are willing to
get in contact with the powerfull features of a Debian system
other than apt =)

It documents the menu system, for example, from a user point of
view, from an administrator point of view... it documents
kernel-package and update-rc.d, it documents dpkg-repack and
dpkg-reconfigure... and is also a quick-guide to package management

I am asking for some help here =), I'd like to have my translation
reviewed while I'm doing it, so I'll be sending sections to the
list as soon as I get them translated to english... comments on
the contents are welcome, too =)

[]s! (the eternal and only abuser of the debian-l10n-english list)

    Gustavo Noronha Silva - kov <http://www.metainfo.org/kov>
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