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Re: Help reviewing a new section of APT-Howto

Em Thu, 30 Aug 2001 22:01:42 -0500
Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> escreveu:

> Note that I used an <tt>*</tt> (asterisk).  This is a "wildcard"; it say
> that I want that this "pin" to be valid for all versions beginning with
> 0.4.99.  This is because Debian versions its packages with a "Debian
> revision" and I don't want to avoid the installation of these revisions.
> So, for instance, versions 0.4.99-1 and 0.4.99-10 will be installed as
> soon as they are made available.
> <!-- I think this is a poor example of wildcard usage because if
> somebody modifies a file owned by a package, won't it get clobbered by
> *any* upgrade? -->
I don't quite understand this... I was trying to show that if one wishes
to set that pin as valid for all debian revisions of 0.4.99 that asterisk
would do it... do you have any suggestions about this?

> <p>
> The <code>Pin-Priority</code> field is optional; if not specified, it
> defaults to a value corresponding to the current state of the package.
> <!-- is this true??? -->
> <!-- This doesn't help me understand a very important point.  What *is*
> the default pin priority?  0?  100?  989?  999?  1000?  If no pin for a
> package is specified in the preferences file, does it have an effective
> pin-priority, or do pin priorities only enter the picture if a pin is
> declared for a package? -->
no, that's not true, the default is 989... I remember to write this on
this section somewhere... heehe =)

> Pinning on a <tt>version</tt>, as we have seen, supports literal
> version numbers as well as wildcards to specify several
> versions at one time.
> <!-- what's available?  standard shell globs?  ?*[]   or more? -->
the documentation that is available for apt_preferences is not clear
on that, it does mention '*' only...

thanks for the help =) I'll take a look at them ASAP... =)


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