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Re: Header text of the word lists of DDTSS

Hi Maarten,

Thank you for your feedback. You are the first person I've heard from about this text.

I basically cut and pasted it, but changed the reference to the mailing list rather than me personally (I'm not the only person who can login). Also, I added a reference to the git repository where it is all contained so if people can submit it there it becomes easy to deploy.

Thanks again for your interest.


On 9 January 2018 at 14:45, <Maarten@posteo.de> wrote:
To: Martijn van Oosterhout

Dear Sir,

I am revising the English-Dutch word list that is used by DDTSS. This
revision started at the beginning of November 2017, when I became a
member of the Dutch translation team of Debian.

I began by checking the header text. Currently, the header text is
as follows.

The wordlist is merely a convenience to help with consistent
translation. If a word in the wordlist appear in the untranslated
description, it becomes underlined and when you hover the mouse over
it it will display the translation.

There is no limitation to what can appear in this list. It is

There are two spelling mistakes in this header. Firstly, 'wordlist'
should be 'word list' and secondly, 'case-insensetive' should be
'case-insensitive' or even better 'case insensitive'. There is also a
striking grammatical error. 'appear' should be 'appears'. Furthermore,
there are two language errors. A word in the word list will not get
underlined when it appears in the description, it is the other way
around. A word in the description gets underlined when it is contained
in the word list. Also, it is not the mouse that can hover over a word,
it is the mouse pointer.

Of course, noticing all these mistakes and errors is typical for a
translator. However, I think that the header should be corrected, and
that it can also be improved by adding some information. So I devised
the following text.


The word list below is used to help you with consistent translation of
the package descriptions. Here is how: All words in a package
description that are also in the word list are underlined, and when you
hover your mouse pointer over one of them, its listed translation is
shown as a tooltip.

If you want to update the word list, discuss this within your
translation team first and then contact Martijn van Oosterhout, his
email address is kleptog@svana.org. There are no requirements for the
list items and they are case insensitive.


I presented this design for the header to the Dutch translation team on
11 November 2017, and it was not commented on. How do you think about

Please send a copy of your answer to the Dutch translation team. Its
address is in the CC field of this email.

Kind regards,


Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog@gmail.com> http://svana.org/kleptog/

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