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Re: Dutch translation of Debian Installer?

Quoting Eric Spreen (erispre@gmail.com):

> I read the manual and created the account on Alioth. My username is
> 'erispre-guest'. (It didn't let me create a username without the guest
> part)

Yes, only DD can get to non -guest part. Sorry for thesmall

I validated your account and recorded that in the relevant reference
file (had to drop Frans name from there...:-(...)

Bart Cornelis is still listed as main translator for D-I (and Frans
listed as backup), but, indeed,
Frans was the main translator for quite a while. I'll leave things as
is with you listed as "backup" but if you do updates, I'll switch
things. Anyway, this is just a reference file, not something that has
a technical significance.

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