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Re: Dutch translation of Debian Installer?

Quoting erispre@gmail.com (erispre@gmail.com):
> Hello Chris,
> I'd like to step up as a candidate for the manual and D-I. I would like, however, some approval of the list and maybe there are some more experienced translators over here willing to do the job.
> If there is no response within two days, I will be willing to maintain these two translations.

Unless there are objections (and I doubt there would be...), feel free
to read http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/ in order to get more
familiar with things involved in D-I l10n.

Then create an account for yourself on alioth.debian.org and get back
to me to get commit access. 

I can also add you to the notification script that sends mails when
something is changed in the l10n material of D-I (levels 1 to 3, but
not the D-I manual as of now). This way, as soon as the status of one
of the PO files changes, you get a notification.

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