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Re: Minor differences for ISO_3166 translations in Dutch (Debian and TP)

Op woensdag 31 januari 2007 11:17, schreef Thijs Kinkhorst:
> On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 11:00 +0100, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> > It is commonly used as "Isle of Man" in various official documents, i.e.
> > untranslated, or as "Man", but that might be a bit lacking of context. I
> > think leaving "Isle of Man" untranslated might be most resembling
> > everyday use and is clear enough to understand what's meant.
> To take it a bit more into a general case: many more Dutch exonyms exist
> than are used in everyday language. I think we should only use the
> exonyms when they're reasonably in common use, and endonyms when those
> are prevalent.
> Examples:
> Parijs, Brussel, Londen and Berlijn are common exonyms;
> Rijssel (Lille), Kales (Calais) and Daveren (Dover) are not common
> exonyms so we should use the endonyms.

In articles in Dutch the name "eiland Man" is often found. So keeping "Isle of 
Man" is not an option for me. Also I found "eiland van Man", but this "van" 
does not feel like Dutch. Also "Man (eiland)" is further away from "Isle of 
Man". So for me "Eiland Man" is the closest Dutch translation of this name.


Freek de Kruijf

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