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Re: Please translate a short README text

On Friday 24 March 2006 11:31, Frank Küster wrote:
> in the latex-cjk package we are currently preparing for an upload
> there's a short dutch text which we'd rather have translated to
> english.  Could you help us out?  Here it comes:

The text looks a bit like "notes to self": the meaning of all sentences is 
not completely clear.

> 4.6.0 CHANGES
> -------------
> Fonts [Dutch; needs to be translated and thoroughly checked again]:
>  - xdvi uses Type1 fonts whenever possible.
>    Zo zal xdvi verticale fonts niet-verticale fonts tonen.

This means that xdvi will show vertical fonts {as} non-vertical fonts.
{Maybe s/vertical/rotated/ ???}

>    Reden: PS met rotatie wordt niet ondersteund in xdvi.

Reason: PS with rotation is not supported in xdvi.

>  - PK FONTS:
>    Becommentarieer entries in 10danai.cfg, update-updmap && updmap-sys.
>    xdvi, dvips en dvipdfm zullen PK fonts gebruiken.

Comment out entries in 10danai.cfg, update-updmap && updmap-sys.
xdvi, dvips en dvipdfm will use PK fonts.

>    Wel 1 probleem: bkaiu?? worden allemaal gecreëerd met ttf2pk,
>    maar bkaiuv vindt-ie niet.

There is one problem: bkaiu?? {files} are all created using ttf2pk,
but it fails to locate bkaiuv.

>     "kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+120/600
> --dpi 720 bkaiuv mktexpk: don't know how to create bitmap font for
> bkaiuv." De Chinese leestekens worden weergegeven door letters.

[...] The Chinese characters are represented by letters.
{That was literal, better would be maybe: "Instead of Chinese characters, 
letters are displayed."}

>    #Oplossing: verander "bkai" in "bkair" in het .tex bestand.

#Solution: change "bkai" to "bkair" in the .tex file.

>    #In c00bkair.fd, verwijzen van bkair naar bkai werkt niet.  Duh.

#In c00bkair.fd, referencing from bkair to bkai does not work. Duh.


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