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[D-I] Strange menu entry for localechooser in Dutch

The menu entry for localechooser in D-I main menu is a bit strange.

#. Type: text
#. Description
#. This menu entry may be translated.
#. However, translators are required to keep "Choose language"
#. as an alternative separated by the "/" character
#. Example (french): Choisir la langue/Choose language
#: ../localechooser.templates-in:7
msgid "Choose language"
msgstr "Welke taal wilt u?"

...which my very deep knowledge of Dutch makes me translate to "Which
language do you want (to use)?"

Actually, my first problem is that it does not follow the
recommendation to keep an English alternative for users choosing Dutch
by mistake.

So, this should be changed to "Welke taal wilt u?/Choose language"

Anyway, as http://www.perrier.eu.org/~bubulle/nl.png shows, the
interrogative form is here quite strange when compared to other menu

I suggest considering a change here....I already added the "Choose
language" thing bu my deep knowledge of Dutch doesn't allow me to do


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