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Re: Bug#276067: Reassigning this bug report

Just a comment since I was the one that originally submitted this 'bug' or 
item. It seems that my original comment has been slightly misunderstood and 
two topics a bit mixed together.

I submitted the comment after using one of the rcs for the Sarge installer 
(which for the most was just great using, thanks to the developers)

Even though I am living in Norway and am using Norwegian as my main language I 
am never setting the system up using a Norwegian locale when installing. The 
main reason being google, if any error message or problem creeps up, it is a 
bit more fruitful to search for the English (for a suitable definintion of 
English) error messages or comments from the installer than to look for the 
Norwegian. I would guess that most other Norwegian that are installing Debian 
are doing the same thing. So, when selecting language, I selected UK English. 
On the next screen, I was presented with a list of 'reasonable countries' due 
to my selection of language, iirc, Denmark was among them, therefore I send a 
comment that you could maybe add Norway as well (I do not think there are any 
en_DK locale either...) But, of cource, then you should add most countries to 
the list preseted after selecting any version of English  as the installation 

The other issue that I mentioned was that after selecting Norway, I did not 
get a Norwegian keyboard layout as the default. As (some of) you might know, 
we have three extra letters (æøå), and also a few other symbols are placed 
otherwhere on the kb than the 'standard', so things get seriously messed up 
with a wrong keyboard layout selected. Also collation order needs to be set 
correctly, and should (probably) be a per country default (although there are 
some countries where this will not be the case, I would guess that there are 
more countries where there is a reasonable default than where it will cause 
problems to have a default. 

So to sum up, what _I_ want (and I guess that most Norwegians (and for that 
case Danies, Swedes and others people from 'small' languages), computer 
literate enough to start installing debian would agree with this) to achieve 
in as few keypresses as possible is to have
- Communication with the operating system in English
- Other things set up to match the typical locale settings, e.g. keyboard 
layout, sorting, time zone (again multiple choises for some countries) etc.

But of cource, since Debian is to a very high degree an 'install once run 
forever' os, a few extra key presses during the installation is a really   
minor issue.


Drøbak, Norway

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