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Re: Bug#276067: Reassigning this bug report

> > exist for the given language. So, if someone cares about creating a
> > en_NO locale for "English as spoken in Norway" and has it included in
> > the locales package,
> Please read http://sources.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=164

Which has a comment I don't agree with. If someone cared enough for
writing a en_BT locale (moreover, someone from the country's
"Department of Technology"), this is because there is a need for it.

About the keyboard layout being based on the country rather than
locale, we could end up with problems for "multiple languages"
countries (Belgium came to my mind but it seems they always use the
same keyboard layout...maybe Switzerland is a better example).

However, console-data could include a mechanism for giving a default
for a given country, no matter which language is used:

For instance, in debian/udeb/console-keymaps-at:

_BE be2-latin1	     Belgian

is:_IS is-latin1	     Icelandic

no:nn:nb:se:_NO no-latin1	     Norwegian

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