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Re: [D-I Manual] Important information for translators - Update

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On Thursday 07 October 2004 00:20, Frans Pop wrote:
> As you may know, the start of initrd builds for RC2 is planned for Okt 8.
> I have only this evening learned that the official build of the manual
> currently takes place at the same time.

The build of the initrd's has been delayed by at least a day. That gives 
everybody some extra time to polish their translations.

I am not sure what the exact deadline is now, but you should have at least 
until 18:00 UTC of Okt. 8 (today).
Please ask on #debian-boot (joeyh) if you want to know more.

Translators for CS and JA:
Please try to update your translations with the latest changes. Especially the 
warning/note in bookinfo.xml is important.

> Looking at the status now, I think cs, ja, pt_BR and maybe fr and es
> translations could be included on the Sarge installation CD's.
> I feel the other translations should be made available on the internet for
> on-line reading and download.

There has been a lot of very hard work today by a lot of translators 
(especially for fr, pt_BR and es). Thank you all!

As it looks now cs, ja, fr, pt_BR are certain to be included. Translators for 
es are still working very hard and that will be decided tomorrow.

Other translations will not be included, but will be available from the Debian 
websites. A clear reference for this has been added today at the very front 
of the manual (see bookinfo.xml).

There will be a regular build starting on my server in about an hour from now 
(02:00 UTC). Please check the logs for your translations for warnings (even 
if there are no errors).

Feel free contact me by email or look for me on #debian-boot if you have any 

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