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Re: should manpages-nl get shipped with woody?

>From: Joost van Baal <joostvb-debian-manpages-nl-20020412-51@mdcc.cx>
>[ Mail-Followup-To: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org ]
>I maintain the manpages-nl Debian package: Linux manual pages translated
>into Dutch.  I doubt wether it should get shipped with the coming stable
>woody release: There is no upstream maintenance, most of the 115
>translations shipped with it are translations of potato manpages, made
>early 2001, so probably obsolete.  Therefore, the usefulness of this
>package is questionable.  Otoh: shipping it with woody will probably get
>more eyeballs on the package, which might result in a new upstream

Hi (upstream maintainer here (translater of the lot)),

I honestly don't see how you can doubt wether they should be included.
They are for basic packages, or for system calls. For all packages
there is a clear remark about the version-number of the program in
question, the programs/calls we're talking about hardly ever change,
and if they do, it is very minor and probably an addition.

Therefore the remark "probably obsolete" is, to be honest, quite wrong
as well as quite stupid. This would be the first time a dutch manpages
package would be included. Do you think there will be a new person
giving translations while the package is flushed down the drain like this??
I don't think so. Out of date manpages (which still are quite usefull
since hardly anything changes if at all) might encourage somebody to do
something about it.

This is like "oh yeah, there *might* be some bad furniture in that house
now, let's burn it to the ground!". Seriously: get a sense of perspective


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