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Re: Bug#89402: manpages-nl: heroes: command not found

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 05:26:45PM +0100, josX wrote:
> >BTW, it's still questionable wether translated manpages should
> >be distributed on their own.  It might be better to package
> >them with fileutils, or whatever package is appropriate for
> >the pages in question...
> As long as I can make my tarball...
> ...hmmm. Maybe I should re-include `heroes(6)`, and let distribution-issues
> to Debian(/*)?
> Meaning: a manpages-nl tarball, from which the manpages are sebsequently
> added to their target packages, leaving manpages-nl itself `void'?

Hmmm....  I believe it would be nicest to split manpages-nl in
things like manpages-nl-fileutils, manpages-nl-procps, manpages-nl-dev
etc.  The non-debian tarball itself could be split like this as well.
One thing we'd gain by this is a better versioning: a subpackage could
follow the source, and be updated once the source (e.g. fileutils) is

What do you think?



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