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Re: Linux Expo Amsterdam

[Please reply to debian-events-eu@lists only; added other lists because we
(probably) have one free conference pass to give away, see below.]

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Paul Slootman wrote:

> Unfortunately it can only print A4.
> Maybe someone at a university has access to colour printers that can
> do A3 or better?

I can only do limited amounts of black "for free" (as in "if no one
notices" ;-). AFAIK the only student-accessible color printers at Delft
Univ. are at another faculty, and are rumoured to be more expensive than
most print shops.

> BTW, are any new details known yet, e.g. is selling t-shirts, mugs
> and cdroms allowed?  Do people who work at a booth get free entrance to
> the conferences? (The Expo itself is free, the conferences are not --
> 250 guilders!) How about parking space? Parking a car in the RAI is very
> expensive IIRC.

In my mailbox was also sitting an offer for five (5) free conference passes,
apparently given to each association. I have to submit five names before
31 dec; we currently have only four:
  Joost van Baal
  Bas Zoetekouw
  Paul Slootman
  Anne Bezemer

That is assuming that
  Russell Coker
  Ivo Timmermans
who are speakers, get one free conference pass for themselves. (Please

So we've got one extra pass available. Anyone interested? (Of course you'll
have to be available at the Debian booth for some time, and/or bring some nice

If I don't hear anything before next Friday, the pass goes to some random
friend of mine ;-)

Other things:

There is a map of the expo available, see the "Location details" section at

I don't know other details yet. I expect to receive some sort of "expo manual"
next week (at least I heard that there _should_ be such a thing).

There may or may not be a "construction day", which would be Monday 22 Jan, on
which we can already set up our "booth". Until I know something more
conclusive, it's wise to consider both possibilities.

Regards (and merry Christmas),
  Anne Bezemer
(who will be unavailable during certain intervals next week (or two))

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