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Re: Statistieken (was: waar te beginnen)

On Thursday 16 November 2000 17:44, James A. Treacy wrote:
> We'd love to see the Dutch translation of the Debian web site
> improve. Of course, it requires a Dutch speaker (preferably
> a native speaker). 

That's me...

> The current translation coordinator is listed
> as Remco Rijnders <remmy@cistron.nl>. Please talk to him to
> see what his status is.

Actually, Remco stopt a while ago... i am the current translation 
coordinator... My name is Egon Willighagen and unfortunately, i am
not a real Debian maintainer yet...

> As an aside, we'd prefer mail to debian-www be in English.
> It took me almost a day to find someone to translate the mail. :)

Sorry. This message was not meant to go to debian-www.


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