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Re: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (call for translation heroes)

Quoting W. Martin Borgert (debacle@debian.org):
> The Danish wind industry is the worlds largest. It's capitals mermaid
> is the worlds most beautiful (when not vandalised). The country
> features the Wests oldest monarchy. It's cartoonists are the worlds
> most famous. Denmark was the first nation to introduce civil marriage
> for gay and lesbian couples. Denmarks island Djursland has the largest
> non-commercial broadband network in Europe. Congratulations!
> But: The Danish translation of the Debian reference card is the
> only one lagging behind. Viking geeks, do something about this!
> Gnus hjælp, Debians kærlighed, Danmarks styrke!
> Please, if you know English and Danish and like to help with the
> Danish translation of the Debian reference card or other documents,
> such as the Debian 5.0 release notes, please contact me by mail. Tak!

Adding debian-l10n-danish@lists.debian.org to the CC list.

The effort for more l10n work for Danish in Debian is currently
revived by a few people who were alerted recently when I sent a
similar message (though not as funny as yours) about the status of D-I

So, maybe some ppl from -l10n-danish will want to raise up and lead
the drakkar of better Danish localization.

(to people in -l10n-danish, it would actually be nice if some of you
suscribe to -i18n...and be prepared to be asked to translate the
upcoming Debian lenny release notes...).

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