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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (call for translation heroes)

The Danish wind industry is the worlds largest. It's capitals mermaid
is the worlds most beautiful (when not vandalised). The country
features the Wests oldest monarchy. It's cartoonists are the worlds
most famous. Denmark was the first nation to introduce civil marriage
for gay and lesbian couples. Denmarks island Djursland has the largest
non-commercial broadband network in Europe. Congratulations!

But: The Danish translation of the Debian reference card is the
only one lagging behind. Viking geeks, do something about this!

Gnus hjælp, Debians kærlighed, Danmarks styrke!

Please, if you know English and Danish and like to help with the
Danish translation of the Debian reference card or other documents,
such as the Debian 5.0 release notes, please contact me by mail. Tak!

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