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Debian Installer translation incomplete for Danish

(*real* 3rd mail: the former one was the second one..:-)))

This mail is sent to people who are registered as current, past...or
potential Debian Installer translators, as well as the teams mailing
list or contact address.

The announcement of the Debian Installer string freeze gave the
criteria used to keep languages active in the installer.

*This is the case for your language, as of now.*

*Your language is risking to be deactivated in Debian Installer*

This is maybe the last reminder. Only less than SEVEN days are left.
I will *maybe* send an urgent last reminder 2 or 3 days before the
deadline. But, don't count on it.

Some of you may have already answered my queries. Some may even have
started to complete translations. So, please forgive this alarming
mail if you are in the process of completing the translation. But, as
the delay is now shorter and shorter, please give me news and commit
what you have already, *even if not complete*.

If you have any trouble committing either way (SVN or through Pootle
for those of you who use it), please send file *directly to me*. This
is no more time for nitpicking, it's time to complete the work.

If you were thinking that the work is complete, please ask me what
exactly is your language missing.

Files are available from

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