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Re: Bug#229954: dpkg: Codes for "Desired" and "Status" in `dpkg -l` output untranslated/untranslatable

Scripsit Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>

>> da_DK:
>> Ønsket=Ukendt/Installér/Fjern/Udrens/Tilbagehold
>> | Status=Ikke/Installeret/Opsæt.-files/Upakket/Opsætn.-fejl/Halvt-inst.
>> |/ Fjl?=(ingen)/Tilbageholdt/Geninst.-krævet/X=begge-dele (Status,Fjl: versaler=slemt)
>> ||/ Navn                 Version              Beskrivelse
>> +++-====================-====================-========================================================
>> rc  exim                 3.35-1               An MTA (Mail Transport Agent)

> We got this bug report in dpkg, the mentioned strings are translatable,
> it just needs someone to actually translate it.

As far as I understand the bug report, the submitter's point is that
the 'rc ' flag characters are the initials of the _English_ status
words, and not really understandable when the legend has been
translated into words that start with other letters. The submitter
wants the line to read

  fo   exim        3.35-1         An MTA (Mail Transport Agent)

'f' and 'o' being the intials of "Fjern" and "Opsæt.-files" which
correspond to "Remove" and "Config-files".

The flag characters themselves do not appear to be translatable - they
are hard-coded in lines 175-177 of src/query.c.

  Incidentally the Danish legend line is mistranslated; it should be
  "Opsæt.-filer" (or perhaps even "Konfigureret") and "Udpakket".

> Claus can you fix this? (I've CCed you as the list seems a bit dead)

What do you mean, dead? We get lots of lively spam.

Henning Makholm                          "What has it got in its pocketses?"

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