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Re: aspell-da for checking d-i translations

Davide Viti wrote:

> As far as the spellchecker is concerned, punctuation does
> not matter when looking for typos; my goal , at least, is
> to get rid of mispelled words, no matter where "." or ","
> are.

And my ambition is to catch as many errors as possible
(without introducing new ones) with the available tools.

> "I found at least one spelling error in the Danish
> po.file. I suggest that you ignore trailing punctuation in
> words. E.g. the Danish unknown_wl has many duplicates with
> and without a trailing full stop."
> perhaps _I_ have to filter out those ".".

That might be a solution.  Once you add a word (not an
abbreviation) to your private Danish word list for Aspell,
Aspell will accept the word also with an appended trailing
full stop.

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