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Re: aspell-da for checking d-i translations

Davide Viti wrote:

> Somebody reported a problem with the Danish dictionary for
> aspell: it seems that words with a trailing full stop are
> counted as unknown, so for example these pairs of words
> are counted as separate unknown terms:
> APT-kilder
> APT-kilder.

Why is that a problem?

> Could anyone please do something about it?

Can?  Yes.  Will?  No.

In written Danish some strings have to end with a full stop
while others only end with a full stop, when they are last
in a sentence (like in English).  Your observation is most
likely a side-effect of this, and I can't see any sensible
way to avoid it.

Jacob (DSDO editor)
»Standardafvigelsen af Excel er 6 Mb« -- Morten Sparre Andersen

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