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Re: Czech translation of po-debconf templates completed

Quoting Jan Outrata (outrataj@upcase.inf.upol.cz):
> On behalf of Czech translation team, I'd like to announce we have
> completed Czech translation of all po-debconf templates[1], thus
> effectively competing[2] with French translation team.

Yay, congratulations, people!

And now welcome to the wonderful world of angry translators, where you
will find your stats approaching the 100% Nirvana without ever
reaching it, thanks to the efforts of our fellow Debian developers who
constantly change their translations...:-)....or omit updating their
packages with the new translations they receive...:-)

So, now I have to hurry up and post TAF mails to the -l10n-french
mailing list, to be sure that we reach 100% and we remain at the top
of the list.

BTW, we reached 100% during....1 day....a few months ago (assuming of
course that all bugs we have reported are fixed, which will never
happen). The current mark for French is 99,941%...:-)

(and the real mark is 96,679% which is about our highest mark, IIRC)

I can give you a new goal, Czech team: translate all Debian native
packages PO files.

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