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Re: Bug#569136: Chinese pages not updated properly (security/index, security/YYYY/index, homepage)


I have manually rebuilt the Chinese homepage (deleted the
index.zh-*.html files in www-master.debian.org, and run
update-parts-pabs to generate index with no subdirectories).

Attached you can find a patch for the /english/Makefile, which considers
Chinese variants when building index.wml, so this issue does not happen
again (hopefully).

I've tested in my local environment and it builds ok. I've tried
touching a file in english/security/2017 and the old Makefile does not
build the Chinese variants for the homepage, but the one containing this
patch builds them.

I plan to apply it in a week or so. If somebody else reviews it and
think it's safe to apply it sooner, please go ahead.

Note: the patch may be changed depending on the advice obtained about
using "=" or ":=" (see
https://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2017/11/msg00075.html for reference).

Best regards


Laura Arjona Reina

Index: Makefile
RCS file: /cvs/webwml/webwml/english/Makefile,v
retrieving revision 1.102
diff -u -r1.102 Makefile
--- Makefile	23 Jul 2017 08:31:47 -0000	1.102
+++ Makefile	24 Nov 2017 16:45:03 -0000
@@ -14,11 +14,13 @@
 include $(WMLBASE)/Make.lang
 ifndef SUBLANG
+INDEXPAGE = index.$(LANGUAGE).html
 SITEMAP = sitemap.$(LANGUAGE).html
 SEARCHXML = search.$(LANGUAGE).xml
+INDEXPAGE = $(sort $(foreach i,$(SUBLANG),$(subst index,index.$(LANGUAGE)-$(i),index.html)))
 SITEMAP = $(sort $(foreach i,$(SUBLANG),\
 	$(patsubst %.wml,%.$(LANGUAGE)-$(i).html,sitemap.wml)))
 DESTSITEMAP = $(patsubst %.html,$(HTMLDIR)/%.html,$(SITEMAP))
@@ -26,13 +28,20 @@
 DESTSEARCHXML = $(patsubst %.xml,$(HTMLDIR)/%.xml,$(SEARCHXML))
-index.$(LANGUAGE).html: index.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/mainpage.wml $(GETTEXTDEP) \
+$(INDEXPAGE): index.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/mainpage.wml $(GETTEXTDEP) \
 		$(wildcard News/$(CUR_YEAR)/[0-9]*.wml) $(wildcard $(ENGLISHSRCDIR)/News/$(CUR_YEAR)/[0-9]*.wml) \
      		$(wildcard News/$(CUR_YEAR)/[0-9]*.title) \
 		$(wildcard security/$(CUR_YEAR)/dsa-[0-9]*.wml) $(wildcard $(ENGLISHSRCDIR)/security/$(CUR_YEAR)/dsa-[0-9]*.wml) \
 		$(TEMPLDIR)/ctime.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/recent_list.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/languages.wml \
 		$(TEMPLDIR)/release_info.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/release_images.wml
+ifeq "$(LANGUAGE)" "zh"
+	@echo -n "Processing $(<F): "
+	$(shell echo $(WML) | perl -pe 's,:.zh-(..)\.html,:index.zh-$$1.html,g') \
+          $(shell egrep '^-D (CUR_|CHAR)' ../.wmlrc) index.wml
+	@$(GENERATE_ZH_VARIANTS) index html
 	$(WML) index.wml
 $(SITEMAP): $(ENGLISHDIR)/sitemap.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/card.wml \
   $(TEMPLDIR)/links.tags.wml $(TEMPLDIR)/template.wml $(GETTEXTDEP) \

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