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Chinese pages not updated properly (security/index, security/YYYY/index, homepage)


I've been doing some tests with the english/security/Makefile and the

I think this bug exist because those Makefiles had specific code to
regenerate the Chinese rdf pages when something changes, but not for the
index pages: the rule for index.$(LANGUAGE).html does not match since we
have zh-cn, zh-tw and zh-hk, not "zh".

The chinese/Make.lang has some code that matches %.zh-*.html but I think
that does not apply for index in these 3 cases (homepage,
/security/index, and /security/YYY/index) because those need to be
regenerated in more cases than when generic templates change.

Thus, I'm not sure which files are "caught" and generated by the
chinese/Make.lang and which ones need special code in the corresponding
Makefiles, but I guess that at least, these Makefiles need to be updated
to generate Chinese variants:

/english/Makefile  for the homepage

/english/security/Makefile for the /security/index.wml

/english/security/YYY/Makefile for the yearly security pages

I've had a look at the code generating the Chinese variants that already
works for other pages: for security/dsa.zh-*.rdf in
/english/security/Makefile, and for search, sitemap in
/english/Makefile, and tried to produce some code to generate the
Chinese index pages in /security and /security/2017

Please have a look at my changes:



The build seems to work. Some of the security/2017/index language files
are being shown in English now because the former build was done with a
wrong Makefile. I fixed it but the following build only regenerated the
languages that had changes (e.g. translations of any 2017 advisory). The
other ones will be regenerated with the next security advisory (hopefully).

I still didn't update the Makefile to regenerate the Debian homepage,
I'm not much confident in what I am doing... I'll send a patch first for
others to review.

I'll keep an eye in the build logs and the /security/* web pages. Any
review/improvement is very welcome, I'm not sure I'm handling the
problem in a good way...

Best regards

Laura Arjona Reina

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