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Re: Please translate the program and/or manpage strings of APT

>Google Docs is a bit troublesome to work with as it tries to be clever
>(converting " to " and such stuff). Many translators seem to use the
>program "lokalize" for working on the po - it can help with suggestions,
>spellchecking and other niceties so you might want to have a look.

I've tried using loKalize before and found that it will replace the header to its version...
Maybe I need to take a look of its documentation for how to get rid of this...
The reason I use Google Docs is to make translating more collaboratively, so maybe I'll try other solution like etherpad next time.

>I took the file you attached and undid some auto-conversions from GoogleDoc.
>The attached file is syntactical correct, but while you unfuzzied all
>fuzzied strings are still 39 strings completely untranslated. 

I currently only focused on fuzzy translations and some of the strings are out of my ability.
Hope that someone can help.

>I also noticed that you have in some strings a space after a placeholder
>(like %s) and sometimes not - and if so sometimes the first character
>follows closely, but is then separated by two spaces from the rest of the
>sentence. Now, I know exactly nothing about the grammatical rules in
>zh_TW so this can be absolutely correct, but it looks kinda random for
>an outsider like me and I wonder if it is not another problem triggered
>by Google Doc usage.

I followed "part of" the zh_TW group guidelines and sure I skipped many strings without spectating.
Maybe I will see it thoroughly later...

>Also in some new strings you translated you included english words
>like in these two:
>Now, these are relatively common words in a debian environment, so I wonder
>if your team maybe has an establish practice on how to translated them - or
>if this is in fact the established practice: In that case some "older"
>strings might need to be updated to reflect that.

Those terms is (explicitly) remained simply because I'm not sure how to present it precisely, 
and I currently not found any "established practice" (as I subscribed zh_TW mailing-list not many days before)
and we are in a dispute on a more common term : "software package"(LOL)

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