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Re: debian-installer: call to update translations - Catalan


Innocent De Marchi <tangram.peces@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Holger,
> > 
> > Since I got no answer from previous translator jordi (in CC), I will
> > try to find new translator(s) for Catalan.
> > 
> > Innocent:
> > since you already worked on the installer manual, maybe you have
> > interest to update installer itself, too?
> > It's not much work for Catalan, only 24 strings.
> > 
> I do not have any problem, it seems worse that Jordi has made an update
> in the repository 7 hours ago.

Yes, Jordi updated the translation today.

As I already wrote in my last mail yesterday, I was under the impression,
that Jordi is no longer active, but he is. 
Sorry for the noise.


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