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Translating po-files with Apertium


This is a one-off posting in English (sorry) to let you know of
my shiny new script, "slpo", that (among other things) will
translate Gettext po-/pot-files with the machine translation
system, Apertium. I am posting this to the Spanish and Catalan
translators' list, because it seems to me that the
English->Spanish/Catalan dictionaries are both very
comprehensive and also of good quality (the Spanish one in

The script is Free Software, free as in beer and speech and
GPL'ed. It can be downloaded from my webpage at:


The README.slpo file contained in the archive documents
installation, dependencies, setup and usage (all very simple).

It generally works by isolating the translatable strings
(msgstrs) and then processing them before merging them back
into the po-file.

When translating from English to some other language the
msgstrs will first be prefilled with the original English
messages (msgids).

To give you an example, translating an empty pot-file of the
Gnu C-compiler, "gcc-5.2.0.pot", from the Free Translation
Project, containing 11262 untranslated messages and using the

   APERTIUM_LANGS="en-es" slpo apertium gcc-5.2.0.pot

takes just 14 seconds and then all 11262 messages are translated!
Many of these translations will probably need some manual
refinement, but even as a non-Spanish/Catalan speaker/reader it
seems to me that the translations are more than good enough to
act as at least very useful templates and thus speeding up
translation work tremendously.

I do hope that you might find this useful,


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