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Re: Bug#346298: patch followup


On Wed, Jan 18, 2006 at 05:21:11PM +0100, Robert Millan wrote:
> This keyboard is not a proposal or an incomplete project, it is being
> manufactured by Large Format Computing, Inc.  This company sells a product
> labeled as "Catalan keyboard" along with software to map keys for Microsoft
> Windows.
> Since this hardware exists, Debian should support it.  Currently Debian users of
> this keyboard have to patch their map files manualy, which is far from ideal.
> I believe Jordi was missinformed, since he asserted that this keyboard doesn't
> exist (which isn't true).  He also expressed concerns about dessign flaws, but I
> don't want to start a discussion on these concerns:  they are irrelevant to the
> user who bought one of these keyboards and can't use Debian with them.

What I want to avoid is that this becomes a de-facto "Catalan keyboard".
I'm happy with providing the support, but calling it "the" Catalan
keyboard makes me feel uneasy.

I didn't say the keyboard exists, I know it does. I have concerns about
the lack of open discussion there has been when creating the layout.

I've discussed it in other Catalan lists and I don't remember anyone
saying "I would use it". I wouldn't, either :)

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