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Re: Bug#346298: patch followup

> > >  - French and Italian keyboards aren't usable for writing in Catalan (missing
> > >    characters in both), so if user picked Catalan as her language, she's most
> > >    likely using a Catalan keyboard.
> This is complete bullshit.

Let's stay polite and say "this is wrong"..:-). Even if this issue
does not make you happy, Jordi, I actually see no reason for throwing

> If there has to be a Catalan keyboard, it should be designed by people
> who actually are going to use them. Looking at the keymap I see pretty
> severe flaws in it -- do Catalan users write Spanish characters, ever? I
> think they do. How do I type a "á" or a "ñ"?
> Christian, my opinion is that ca_IT (I haven't submitted this locale)
> and ca_FR users should be using either Italian or French.

The locales Robert is talking about is those he wrote for glibc. It
seems that two parallel work have happened for Catalan locales: yours
which was initially targeted at Debian and should have been forwarded
upstream by the locales maintainers....and the work of Robert who
apparently submitted other locales...including a ca_IT locale.

This topic is probably worth being discussed but outside the Debian
BTS and Robert's report for a Catalan keyboard layout.

About the keyboard layout itself, I actually take your word and would
probably recommend not including it in consoel-data. Of course, Robert
coudl perfectly come up with more arguments in favor of it.

That said, I am *not* console-data maintainer and the final word here
should be left to Alastair.


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