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Re: Bug#346298: patch followup

> > Well, there does not seem to be such thing as a Catalan keyboard,
> They're not commonly available in stores.  However, Large Format Computing, Inc
> manufactures them and sells them worldwide.  See:
>   http://www.language-keyboard.com/catalan.htm
> > at
> > least in those propsoed by d-i.....
> That's what my patch is for :)

Ahem. I missed the added keymap, sorry. My mistake.

> (unless I missed something)
> > Catalan translators, could you please comment on #346298?
> Since I CCed debian-user-catalan already when submitting this bug, I'm adding
> CC to that list, too.

OK. I'd like to get the input from the Catalan users on these issues
(maybe you are among them, Robert....)

Adding the keymap you sent to console-data is certainly worth it
anyway. Adding it to the installer udeb is however of matter or real
use. It will add some KB to the initrd image size and the d-i team is
very conservative about its KBytes....and one thing we can tell is
that users choosing Catalan in France and Italy will be quite rare.

I'd rather propose to add the keymap without adding it to the udeb, at
least for now...unless Catalan users are *very* convincing, especially
those living near the center of the world, namely the Perpignan train

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