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Re: Iso-codes translation and complete Debian Installer "2nd level"

> (btw, do you know what's going on with pppconfig?)

Lazy/not motivated maintainer.

pppconfig is now in "thrid level" so "less important work"...but
that's frustrating for people who did the hard work (and, damn, it's a
boring thing)

> Algú de la llista té temps per a treballar ràpid en aquest po? Són noms
> de llocs: països generalment. Jo ara mateix no tinc temps per a fer-ho,
> així que a veure si algú es pot encarregar en els pròxims dies.

Finding the correct names for some exotic countries in Catalan may br
quite tricky...I wish you luck.

> Guillem (Christian, please correct me if I'm wrong), shadow is missing 7
> strings from the program po.

Yep. 4th level, so low priority. If you're veeeeery quick, I will
maybe make a NMU this week.

> Aleix: aptitude té una cadena fuzzy.
> http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/translation-status.html

Aptitude is easy : I have commit access and follow the BTS for
it. When done, just report the update as a bug.

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