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Adduser program templates modified (#260265)

With bug #260265, the English program translations of adduser have
been cleaned up. We have tried not to fuzzy up translations by
modifying the english text in the po/* files in the same way like the
original texts.

However, I would like to ask you to look over the translations and see
whether the quoting of the translated text is applicable to your
language. Please try to streamline the quoting in the same way we did
for the english version (for example, always quotes around strings,
never around numbers).

An adduser version including the fixes from #260265 will be uploaded
this evening.

I would appreciate if the modifications would be in the BTS by Fri,
2004-07-30, so that a final translation upload of adduser can be made
before we go into base freeze on Aug 1.

Thank you very much.


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