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Re: (forw) Re: Geneweb package debconf templates translations

Hola Jordi and list,

> So, here is one translation. Maybe some other team members want to make
> changes to my translation, so please wait one or two days before
> uploading geneweb with the Catalan stuff.

Sure. Anyway, I have nothing to change except these templates. As I
don't want to put too much pressure on mirrors, I'll wait anyway.

> I found a few nits in the English templates:

> One of them talks about "next screen", "yes", etc.
> I feel this is too front-end specific. Maybe the GNOME frontend shows
> all the stuff in just one screen, so there is no "next screen".

Mmmmh, you're probably right. I'm influenced by by use of the
curses-based frontend. I'll change te wording of the english
translation (my german/danish/spanish translators will be happy of that..:-))

>  AÇÒ ESBORRARIA DADES D'USUARIS. Teniu que estar segur abans de acceptar açò.

"Be sure of what you do before accepting this". I think I'll adopt this
in english (catalan is nice to me : I understand everything you wrote
: sounds easy to learn for a french mind...I should consider learning it!)

Thanks to all!

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