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Re: Urgent: please update console-setup translation for Debian Installer release

Quoting dooteo (dooteo@zundan.com):
> Hi again Christian,
> Please use attched PO file instead of previous one. Diff between them is
> PO header's 'Language team' field.

The version is not mandatory for sending a bug report. Anyway, I got
the file.

It had one problem:

> #. Type: boolean
> #. Description
> #. :sl3:
> #: ../keyboard-configuration.templates:10001
> msgid "Keep default keyboard options (${XKBOPTIONS})?"
> msgstr "Mantendu teklatuaren aukera lehenetsiak (${XKBLAYOUT})?"

The variable name is wrong. *that* I have fixed.

Also, a string is fuzzied (not your fault: the change happened after I
sent the call for translations).

Could you update the atatched file and send it back to me?


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