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Re: Bug#1029707: Maybe set DejaVu Sans Mono as default font for Arabic

A rewritten patch has been added in Ubuntu only:


Closing this bug based on the above discussion and this follow-up discussion on #debian-gnome:

<GunnarHj> Hi smcv, are you ready for a final decision about https://bugs.debian.org/1029707 ? The MR (targeting Ubuntu) includes some improvements after review. <smcv> GunnarHj: my inclination is to say that if you want to patch this in Ubuntu, that's up to Ubuntu, but I don't think the cost:benefit ratio is suitable for also patching this in Debian <GunnarHj> smcv: Ok, then I know, and will close the bug later. Thanks for considering it. <smcv> I can see that it's a more serious bug in Ubuntu, given Ubuntu's different default font <smcv> but I think when Debian's default configuration is believed to work well, divergence from upstream + ignoring user configuration is too high a price <GunnarHj> smcv: Indeed it's more important in Ubuntu. I understand and respect the trade-off you do from a Debian POV. <smcv> I did make sure to cc debian-l10n-arabic to give them an opportunity to say "actually we want this too", but I haven't seen a response from there


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