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Re: Bug#1029707: Maybe set DejaVu Sans Mono as default font for Arabic

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Hi again, Simon!

On 2023-01-26 15:50, Simon McVittie wrote:
Another option would be to change the gnome-terminal patch so that if
the locale is Arabic *and* the default font is either "Monospace" or
"Ubuntu Mono", we replace it with "DejaVu Sans Mono" of the same
size. That would be a more narrowly-scoped version that at least
doesn't interfere with users' ability to set a different size,
although it would still require non-upstreamable patches in multiple

I like that approach and have now rewritten the patch:


I chose to set "Monospace" when needed instead of specifying "DejaVu Sans Mono" explicitly.

As regards other packages, my thought is to limit this kind of tweak to the terminals we ship by default, i.e. gnome-terminal currently and maybe gnome-console later.

While the importance of the patch is much greater in Ubuntu (with Ubuntu Mono as default), personally I think it may be useful in Debian too after all:

* Consider an Arabic Debian user who opens Tweaks and picks some beautiful monospace font with e.g. the text editor in mind. With the patch applied, that user would not screw up the rendering of Arabic in gnome-terminal unknowingly.

* With the patch also in Debian, we avoid to add to the Ubuntu/Debian delta, which is always desirable. :)

So even if the target branch of the MR is ubuntu/master, it would be great if you could review it with Debian in mind. If I get a green light from you, I will add the patch to Debian instead.


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