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Re: Bug#929877: installation-reports: Buster installer hangs at hard disk step with arabic language

ButterflyOfFire, le dim. 02 juin 2019 15:43:41 +0000, a ecrit:
> >> "لاحقاً"
> This word means "later" and can be replaced by "لاحقا".

That avoids the issue here indeed. I however see it used in various
places, notably in the grub installer:

msgid ""
"Warning: If the installer failed to detect another operating system that is "
"present on your computer, modifying the master boot record will make that "
"operating system temporarily unbootable, though GRUB can be manually "
"configured later to boot it."
msgstr ""
"تحذير: إن كان برنامج التثبيت قد فشل باكتشاف نظام تشغيلٍ آخر موجودٍ على حاسوبك، "
"فإن تعديل سجلّ الإقلاع الرّئيسي سوف يجعل نظام التّشغيل ذاك غير قابلٍ للإقلاع "
"مؤقّتاً، إلّا أنّه من الممكن تهيئة GRUB يدويّاً لإقلاعه لاحقاً."

That one however shows up without any concern, that's odd...


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