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Re: Bug#929877: installation-reports: Buster installer hangs at hard disk step with arabic language

Samuel Thibault, le dim. 02 juin 2019 15:47:28 +0200, a ecrit:
> Holger Wansing, le dim. 02 juin 2019 15:00:09 +0200, a ecrit:
> > So, that would come down to this two commits
> > (if it's a matter of arabic translations):
> > https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/d-i/commit/1e16f41d79578a47a370c7a47ec49abdcfc7fb52
> > https://salsa.debian.org/installer-team/d-i/commit/5654defa9a4b75196e83e905465cd3aa8704c093
> I tried to revert these two, but that didn't fix the issue.

The bug could be coming from another string, not showing up in beta5,
but showing up in rc1.


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