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Re: specific CSS for RTL languages


On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 10:12:50PM +0330, ebram inio wrote:
> Hey Francesca Ciceri, I can help and review your jobs if you want. RSS float
> on right is OK!
> also I suggest you to create one CSS for all RTL (right to left) languages.
> (persian, arabic, hebrew ....)

Yes, I like the idea of a debian-rtl.css to include into all RTL languages.
But the problem is: do all RTL languages have same issues with the main css?
With separate debian-$lang.css we can easily adjust the design of elements for
every single language, while creating a unique debian-rtl.css we cannot do it.
So, let's think about it. ;)

BTW, the only problem still needed to solved in the persian homepage is that
with the square brackets on the <ul> of News and DSA: the first (well I'm
thinking RTL! actually, in LTR is the second!) square bracket in some of the
<li> elements is lost. I don't think it's a css thing, IMO it could be a BiDi
thing, but maybe you can give me some hints.


ps: you can find me on #debian-www channel on irc.debian.org: I'm MadameZou.

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