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Re: specific CSS for RTL languages

Hi Oz (hope this is your name and not your surname!),

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 07:07:16PM +0100, Oz Nahum Tiram wrote:
> Hi Francesca,
> Long time since I have dealt with the Debian webpage ... I was busy
> completing my Master's thesis ...
> Are you talking on the patch I submitted long long time ago ? Which patch?
> The patch from the Persian team i guess ...

Yes, I was talking about the patch from the Persian team, I think that it
could fit well also for other RTL languages, but only native speakers could spot
the errors when I'll apply... ;)


> ps. madamezou - is not a very positive character in the book Shantaram ...

It was a coincidence: I've never read Shantaram nor I knew of its existence
when I chose the first time this nickname. And in fact Shantaram's character
is spelled Madame Zhou, if I remember correctly.
But it was a so incredible coincidence that, at the end, I am quite
fascinated of having the same name of a book character - even if of an evil one. ;)

And, by the way, I love Peter Sellers.


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