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Re: Help Regarding Installer L18N

Quoting Tahir Abdul Rauf Butt (linux_kernel_worm@yahoo.com):
> hi,
>     We are working to translate the debian installer in Urdu 
> Language.Please address our queries if you can.

The recommended way to start a new translation effort for D-I is to
get in touch with one of the D-I translation coordinators. There are
actually....1...coordinator which, fortunately happens to be
myself..:-). You're indeed very lucky that I'm subscribed to
-l10n-arabic but I guess that Adnène would have pointed you to me anyway.

>   1)  what does it mean to "add new language",  even URDU is working 
> fine with the installed Debian System, and we have translated some 
> programs as Nautilus, and OpenOffice, but why do we need to add URDU for 
> Installer??

That's part of the process. Enabling a language in D-I requires a few
checks to be made, which are well described in
http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/i18n-doc chapter 3. Some of these checks
are technical (locale, keymap, fonts etc.), some are more "social"
(record contact names, introduce the new team to the work method,
answer their questions, etc. This i swhat we call the New Language
Process and all new languages go through it since summer 2005.

>   2) How and where to get the Source code of installer such that we 
> could translate the pot file, and compile the installer to get the working 
> system so that i could install debian from this installer.

Everything is explained in the D-I i18n doc I pointed you above. I
really encourage you to read that doc at least once. Testing your
translations will however be much more tricky as D-I is made of many
small components which all have their own set of strings. The D-I
translation framework takes care to spread out translations in
relevant packages from a big single master file (see above doc about
"level 1"). But "building the installer" for testing would indeed mean
building ALL D-I components, then assemble them in the installer build
system instead of waiting for them to be individually uploaded to the
Debian archive by one of the D-I team members.

I would indeed recommend to first focus on translating. There are a
lot of hints in the POT file to help you without testing every change.

>   3) How should we test our translations for the installer, For example 
> if we have translated some strings of the installer, how should we test 
> it.

See above.

PS: there will be no more new language added for Debian etch, now. So
the work you may eventually be doing will be for the etch+1 version of
Debian. It will indeed be available in beta versions during the
release process but translating D-I in a longstanding effort which
requires much patience. This is how Debian works: Good things come to
those who.....wait. :-)

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