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Re: does Optimus ever work on Knoppix live media?

Hello Felix Miata,

It seems the graphics card combination of this notebook is challenging.
Either one of the Intel or NVidia chipsets is not working well with
current kernels, or you need to "downgrade" graphics modes in order to
get at least some kind of graphics.

Please make sure you are using the newest kernel version (5.2.5 on
Knoppix 8.6). Also, booting in 32 vs. 64bit modes may play a role
(knoppix vs. knoppix64).

Please try the follwing cheat codes:

knoppix64 xmodule=nouveau nouveau.noaccel=1
(which will enable the NVidia chipset and switch off a proably unsupported mode).

knoppix64 xmodule=intel
(try ONLY the intel chipset)

knoppix64 xmodule=modeset
(If the framebuffer resolution looks OK, the
X server MAY work by just using frame buffer)

knoppix64 xmodule=vesa
(Try Vesa only, worst case, low resolution and slow)

(no "knoppix" here, try the unaccellerated vesa 1024x768 framebuffer mode)

Please also try "knoppix" instead of "knoppix64". Bitness sometimes
plays a role when parts of the GPU functions are handled CPU-internal.

Please let me know if one of these works. There are even more "exotic"
boot options possible in case the graphics output ports are internally
rewired with order switched, but this usually rather results in a blank
screen instead of the X server not starting.

-Klaus Knopper

On Sun, Sep 08, 2019 at 04:32:47AM -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
> This is a Sony Vaio known as both VGN-AR730E and PCG-8112L, with Intel 965G and
> GeForce 8400M apparently equating to Optimus, though there's no sticker on it
> saying as much. I've tried many combination of cheat codes, but so far not much
> luck. ATM its paused with respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes as best as I
> can make out on the half scrambled screen. I'm trying to gather info on exactly
> what hardware is in this, but the screen makes it really touch to tell what I'm
> typing, or what the onscreen glyphs are trying to tell me. There's nothing in the
> BIOS that affects graphics behavior at all.
> Is there any particular cheat code combination that stands a chance of working
> with an old Optimus laptop?
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