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does Optimus ever work on Knoppix live media?

This is a Sony Vaio known as both VGN-AR730E and PCG-8112L, with Intel 965G and
GeForce 8400M apparently equating to Optimus, though there's no sticker on it
saying as much. I've tried many combination of cheat codes, but so far not much
luck. ATM its paused with respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes as best as I
can make out on the half scrambled screen. I'm trying to gather info on exactly
what hardware is in this, but the screen makes it really touch to tell what I'm
typing, or what the onscreen glyphs are trying to tell me. There's nothing in the
BIOS that affects graphics behavior at all.

Is there any particular cheat code combination that stands a chance of working
with an old Optimus laptop?
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