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Re: knoppix-terminalserver doesn't work

Am 21.11.2014 um 19:08 schrieb Werner P. Schulz:
> With Knoppix V7.4.2 I cannot use knoppix-terminalserver. At the
> TS client side it always stop with Kernel panic
> /init: exec: line 1049: /etc/init: Permission denied
> Is there a way to fix this problem?

Alex Schneider wrote to me the solution:

The boot-option "init=/etc/init" is wrong
It should be "init=/sbin/init"

The init-script within the old miniroot.gz-Images ended up with:
exec /sbin/init "$@" </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1
The variable "init" from the boot-option has been ignored.

Within V7.4.2 the init-script ends up with:
exec "$init" "$@" </dev/console >/dev/console 2>&1
and fails now using the wrong variable for "init".

After exchange of all "init=/etc/init" with "init=/sbin/init" within the
script "knoppix-terminalserver" all went well.

Greetings Werner

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