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Did v7.4 invalidate my hard drive?

this is what happened. I redownloaded v7.4.0 and burned it to a DVD. I booted from that and used the flash install icon on the desktop to make a Knoppix USB stick. I booted from that and it seemed to be fine. Everything seemed to be fine except that it didn't see my 2 TB windows drive. I didn't really think about that at the time. Everything seemed to be ok. Then I rebooted Windows Vista and the 2 TB drive wasn't there. After a bit of investigation, I booted my old v7.0.5 USB stick and ran gparted. My 2 TB drive now shows up as unallocated.

Since I didn't really do anything else, I'm guessing that the USB flash script somehow stepped on my HD partition table. I didn't find any errors with gparted. It just shows up unallocated. I'm going to back up the entire drive using DD before I try to repair the partition table.

I would appreciate any advice on the best way to fix this.


P.S. My Windows system boots from an SSD, but most of the data is on the 2 TB drive. It only had one partition. I should have backed up the partition table. Duh.

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