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knoppix7.2.0 mid December to debian7.4

hi mailing list of the knoppix distribution.

my preference is to use knoppix 7.2.0 cd using system v times zones set
to pst8. my other preference is to sudo dpkg all packages that come from
a package download script for this way, the customized knoppix can be
rebuilt if i loose the operating system on sd card from the cd (obtained
from download mirrors), nvidia certified drivers and the stable and
stable/updates repositories from generating a package download script in
synaptic package manager. i have the nvidia 304.88 certified driver for
linux display that i downloaded after accepting the license agreement
for my two desktop systems.

i started keeping track on my generated scripts that downloaded packages
since the end of december 2013 and now with debian release 7.4 wheezy
showing up in gnome system monitor, gnome disk utility does not function
in the way that can run short, extended and conveyance tests. i started
the process in the previous paragraph once more (except at a later date)
and everything seems fine. what are the possibilities when the higher in
number the package download scripts, the more likely you have to start
the process of my preferences again? is there any way to explain this?

the two links i have for installing the nvidia drivers are:
if anyone in the mailing list has any tips, please let the mailing list

bye debian knoppix users.

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