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Can Compiz show only windows from current desktop in task bar?

Dear Klaus et al,

I am now test-driving 6.7.1: so far, so good.  I am trying it with Compiz
(without "no3d").  The mouse choppiness has diminished greatly.  I have
some more testing to do.

In the meantime, although this isn't really a Knoppix issue, per se, do
you happen to know if there is a way to make the task bar show only tasks
on the current desktop?  In the task bar's context menu this *IS*
unchecked, and checking/unchecking has no effect.  I can't find any
documentation in /usr/share/doc and I continue to search through all the
plugin menus.  For me, half of the point in having multiple desktops is to
keep the number of items in the task bar down to a usable level.

By the way, this is not critical, but I thought you might like to know
about a Compiz key binding conflict that I discovered when trying to
copy-paste from one lxterminal to another:  lxterminal uses shift+ctrl+C
and shift+ctrl+V for copy and paste, respectively, but shift+ctrl+C is
being intercepted by the Compiz Accessibility plugin "Negative", for
toggle screen negative.  As a result, the text fails to get copied to the


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