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Re: Linux Kernel 64 compile on Knoppix 6.7

--- On Tue, 8/16/11, Klaus Knopper <debian-knoppix@knopper.net> wrote:

> Do you remember which package this was? Dependencies should
> all be
> correct in Knoppix, I have not manually changed anything in
> the dpkg and
> apt database and resolved conflicts with what apt-get and
> aptitude
> recommended.

Sorry I can't remember what was it already. But it's not a dependency
issue. The system resolved dependencies correctly, it just failed
installation. There are some pre-installation check scripts which 
must be executed, and that failed before tar extraction of package 

Then I searched the net, extracted the control file, modified it and
re-installed using command line. It went passed, so I moved on. :)



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